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What is Upload Fields for WPForms?

Upload Fields for WPForms is a powerful addon plugin designed for WPForms, a popular WordPress form builder.

This addon enhances your forms by enabling the integration of various upload features, including drag-and-drop multiple file uploads, image uploads, and even direct uploads to Google Drive.



This documentation will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the functionalities, features, and options available with the Upload Fields for WPForms plugin developed by SoftLab.


Upload Fields for WPForms addon plugin provides some standout features that might be valuable for users and website owners. Let’s explore them:


  • Drag and Drop Upload: This feature allows users to upload files effortlessly by simply dragging and dropping them into the designated upload field on your form.
  • File Upload: The file upload feature creates a field within WPForms where users can upload individual files. This is ideal for scenarios where you need to collect specific documents, such as resumes or other file types.
  • Image Upload: The image upload feature integrates an image upload field into your WPForms. This is particularly useful when you need users to submit images, such as for portfolios or event registrations.
  • Google Drive Upload: This feature enables users to directly upload files to allocated Google Drive account(s) through your form. The uploaded files are securely stored in the connected Google Drive account, ensuring easy access and organization.
  • Multiple File Upload: With this feature, users can upload multiple files in a single submission. This is highly advantageous in situations where users need to submit several documents or images at once.