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Complete Google Drive Cloud Solution for WordPress.

Integrate Google Drive is the most advanced plugin to access your important Google Drive files & folders directly on your WordPress website. Even if you have zero knowledge of coding, you are up to using the plugin without any difficulties or hassle. Browse, manage, embed, display, upload, download, search, play, and share almost everything to your WordPress website that you were doing inside of your Google Drive.

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Integrate Google Drive

Amazing Drive
Integration Features.

We provide the best and most productive integrations for Google Drive. You are near to discovering some coolest features of Integrate Google Drive & easiest way to connect with us. Join the party now!

File Browser
File Browser

File Browser

Display your cloud files via an interactive File Browser. The file browser can have a grid thumbnail and list view for the Google Drive files you are browsing. It’s the simplest solution to manage your cloud files easily & efficiently.

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File Uploader
File Uploader

File Uploader

Integrate Google Drive features a user-friendly file uploader to upload files into the Google Drive cloud platform from your website. Users can see an upload progress bar, file name, cancel uploading action, and media preview for improved interactions.

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Media Player
Media Player

Media Player

Play Google Drive audio and video files in a single player using the Media Player module from your website. This feature will also create a stunning playlist for all selected media files. All in all, you can save your hosting space by using this feature.

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Shortcode Builder
Shortcode Builder

Shortcode Builder

Making WordPress easier for you is our main goal! That’s why we included Shortcode Builder in our Plugin. It helps create various types of modules (File Browser, File Uploader, Media Player, Photo Gallery, etc) with different configurations. After creating a module with Shortcode Builder, display it anywhere on your website.

Multiple Google Accounts
Multiple Google Accounts

Multiple Google Accounts

Linking multiple Google Accounts can be sometimes necessary for you. We provide you full freedom to link multiple Google Accounts and share files from your specific accounts.

Popular Page Builder Supports

Popular Page Builder Supports

We provide a wide & popular page builder supports all over the world. That means Integrate Google Drive is 100% compatible with the most popular page builders. So you are up to go with whatever page builders are you using.

Classic Editor Gutenberg Elementor Divi Page Builder
Popular Forms Connect & Easy to Use

Popular Forms Connect & Easy to Use

Integrate your favorite services and add advanced features with the official Form plugin integration feature. It’s time to build a powerful module for popular forms by using Integrate Google Drive plugin.

Contact Form 7 WPForms GravityForms NinjaForms FluentForms FormidableForms

WooCommerce Supports

You can integrate your Google Drive files nicely into WooCommerce, and it allows you to serve your Digital Downloads directly from Google Drive.


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Easy Setup

Integrate Google Drive has been developed to maintain an easy setup for all groups of people. If you using a plugin for the first time, still you can set up & maintain it properly. We made it that simple!

Private Folders

Securely share your Google Drive documents with your users/clients. This allows your users to view, download and manage their documents in their own private folders.

Audio & Video Player

Play audio and video in a single player using this module. The audio and video playlist will be created from the selected folders that you select.

Embed Document

We made embedding documents easy for you. Using the Embed Documents feature users can embed documents (files, docs, excels, pdf, mp3, mp4, etc) with read-only and editable modes.

File View Links

File view links can be sometimes effective depending on the sector you are operating. Insert direct links on your website to view any Google Drive files & documents.

File Download Links

You can insert direct links to your post/ page to download your Google Drive cloud files.

Use Own Google App

What if you want to integrate your own Google App with Integrate Google Drive? Our plugin gives you the freedom to link your own Google App and start playing with it.


View all the files downloads, uploads, streams and previews events logs in the statistics page.

Easy Digital Downloads support

View all the files downloads, uploads, streams and previews events logs in the statistics page.


Let's know how to use Integrate Google Drive

Now that you can install, enable and disable plugins.The Google Drive Services plugin is a simple and easy to use plugin


Download & Install

Download the WordPress plugin from WordPress repo and install the plugin from your admin dashboard.


Manage & Browse Files

Browse files via the File Browser of the plugin and manage (copy, edit, rename, delete) the files.


Link A Google Account

After activating the plugin you have to link your Google accounts to the plugin for accessing you Google Drive files.


Shortcode Builder

You can create various types of module (File browser, Photo Gallery, Media player etc.) with different configurations with the shortcode builder and can use them anywhere using the shortcode.

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Integrate Google Drive

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“Works fast, quick help. I had a problem with removing the blue frame of this plugin,tech support gave me a solution in just a few minutes just add code .igd-browser-wrap { border: none; } and problem solved”


“Looking for a solution that would integrate Google Drive with our website we found this solution with a wide span of functionalities. It covers almost all of our needs in one single plugin and it’s very will conctructed”


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“Great support from the developer. He jumped right in and helped me get it working. Works perfectly.”

tom -pennington

“We’ve been using a fairly expensive file sharing service for our website members and looking for an alternative. Integrate Google drive was easy to setup and keeps everything on our site. I had to contact support, they were responsive and addressed my concerns.”


“ This plugin is amazing. Works perfectly and it’s very versatile. thank you for creating this and for your support!”


“I had a problem with removing the blue frame of this plugin,tech support gave me a solution in just a few minutes just add code .igd-browser-wrap {border: none;}and problem solved”


“The plugin is great, this plugin solve a bid issue of mine and their support is super great”


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Best Google Drive cloud solution plugin for WordPress to integrate your Google Drive files directly into your WordPress Website.