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Radio Player

Live Shoutcast, Icecast and Audio Stream Player for WordPress

A simple, easy to use, user-friendly and fully customizable web radio player for WordPress. You can play any live mp3, Shoutcast, iceCast, and any audio stream in your WordPress website.

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Sticky Player

Sticky Player Excellence

Boost engagement with Radio Player's Sticky Player. Offered in versatile styles like Fullwidth, Mini-Fullwidth, and Floating, it ensures seamless listening across your site. Plus, customize its display on specific pages for tailored user experiences

Sticky Player
Popup Player
Popup Player

Continuous Playback Window

Allow listeners to enjoy your radio stream in a dedicated popup window, ensuring continuous playback even as they browse elsewhere. Boost engagement with minimal disruption.

Stations Playlist

Multiple Stations Playlist

Combine multiple radio stations in one player. Offer listeners a seamless switch between stations, enriching their experience. All within a single, intuitive interface. Simplify choices, maximize engagement.

Stations Playlist
Multiple Skins
Multiple Player Skins

10+ Player Skins

Personalize your radio experience with our expansive range of player skins. Each design is meticulously crafted, ensuring both style and functionality, to cater to every aesthetic preference.

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Player Embed Code

Embed & Play Anywhere

Easily integrate your radio player on any website or page. Maximize your reach with our easy-to-use embedding feature, making your radio accessible everywhere.

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Play Statistics

Radio Player Analytics Dashboard

Gain insights with our Analytics Dashboard. Track play counts, listener numbers, daily trends, and identify top-performing players. Elevate your broadcast strategy with data-driven insights.

Schedule Time

Player Display Schedule

Effortlessly manage when your radio player is accessible to listeners with the scheduling feature. You can define a specific start and end date, ensuring the player is only visible during the desired timeframe to gain control over broadcasts, aligning with special events, promotions, or programming needs.

Live Player Editing Preview

Player Editing Preview in Realtime

Experience the power of real-time player editing with our intuitive interface. Adjust the appearance, from colors to box shadows, or tweak player controls instantly.

Customize Player Appearance

Customizing Player Appearance

You can customize the player appearance in real-time. You can change the player colors, background color, background image, width, border radius, box shadow, and more.


Customizing Player Controls

You can customize the player controls in real-time. You can show/ hide the different player controls like popup icon, volume icon, playlist icon and live/ offline icon.

Never Miss a Single Valuable Feature

Let's explore which features are absolute you can add to stand out and give even more value

MP3 + AAC + M3U8 Compatibility

You can play the live .m3u8 streams using the radio player.

Shortcode Player

Display the Radio Players anywhere in your website using the [radio_player] shortcode.

Stream Data Display

Radio player can grab and play the stream data including current track title, artist, artwork, and recent play history

Player Duplicator

Any pre created player can be duplicated with all the settings and create a new player with the same settings.

Mobile Media Notification

While playing a the player, users can see currently playing station information and can play/ pause the player from the mobile notification bar.

Multiple Instances

Multiple players can be displayed and played at the same time on the same page.

Add Multiple Players

You can add upto 10 players in the free version and unlimited players in the PRO version.

Custom CSS

You customize the popup player width & height.

Color Customizations

Player text colors and background colors can be customize.

Play Statistics

You can view the statistics how many user how many times the radio player.

Gutenberg Block

Display the player in any page/ post using the Radio Player Gutenberg editor block.

Elementor Widget

Display and play the radio player in any page/ post using the Radio Player Elementor widget.


Works with any mp3 or aac stream and any major radio provider.

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What Customers Say about Radio Player

We asked our customers for feedback about the Radio Player and they say

“Best Radio Player Available

We spent several days reviewing the available Wordpress radio players for streaming and this was by far the best one available that could work on every Wordpress theme. Highly recommended!”

#1 Radio Player Plugin

This plugin works as advertised! Most importantly the support team was very responsive to my emails and helped me figure out why my stream URL didn’t worked and provided a solution.


Perfect! The pro version helped me to get rid of some https problems and now everyone can hear my broadcasts!

test-imgPer Kindwall

Merece la pena la versión pro, funciona de maravilla!

test-imgCentroWebs S.C.
Addons for Radio Player

Radio Player Enhancements

Supercharge your Radio Player with our curated addons to extend functionalities and maximize the listening experience

Radio Player Proxy

Radio Player Proxy Add-on for Radio Player facilitates the playback of HTTP (non-SSL) radio streams on HTTPS-enabled websites.

Additionally, if your website server struggles to retrieve stream data including currently playing song title, artist, artwork, and recent play history, the plugin can fix display of the metadata.

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Radio Player Ads

Elevate your radio streaming with the Ads Player Add-on. Seamlessly weave in targeted ads and promotions, enhancing listener experience while boosting your revenue.

Benefit from insightful analytics and effortlessly manage your advertisements with our intuitive interface and customizable mic-drop features.

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