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Upload Files to Google Drive from Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular form plugins for WordPress. But if you are looking for a Google Drive uploader field in the plugin for your users, you are unlucky to get one.

They don’t have a default option to allow users to upload files directly in Google Drive.

But you don’t need to worry! SoftLab team developed a plugin called Integrate Google Drive that allows your users to upload any files to your Google Drive account.

The Google Drive upload field for Gravity Forms can be handy because users can upload any files that will be stored sequentially inside your Google Drive.

Why Google Drive Upload Field is Important?

Most of the contact form doesn’t give you the facility to allow users to upload files directly inside your Google Drive. But our solution provides your users’ space to interact with such features.

The Google Drive upload field is essential for you because it’s gonna save your hosting space, easy interaction for visitors, and files can be stored in one place, easy to maintain, and many other handy benefits for both you and your users.

Enabling Gravity Forms File Upload to Google Drive

Before moving on to the main steps, make sure you have installed & activated the Gravity Forms Plugin inside your WordPress.

If you have done it previously, follow the process:

Step-1: Installing Integrate Google Drive Plugin

Go to WordPress Plugins > Add New > Search Integrate Google Drive > Install & Activate the plugin.


Step-2: Linking Google Account

Click Google Drive > Settings > Add Account > Click Google Account You want to Add > Allow necessary permissions.

Step-3: Enabling Gravity Forms Integration

Go to Integrate Google Drive Plugin Dashboard > Settings > Integrations > Enable Gravity Forms > Save Changes. Keep in mind you have to enroll in the Premium Package to enjoy Gravity Forms integration.

Step-4: Create A Form

Now click on Forms from the left sidebar > Edit the existing form or Create a new one.

Step-5: Configuring the Upload Field

From Add Field tab click on Integrate Google Drive Fields > Click the Google Drive button.

From the Source Tab, select a Google Drive folder where you want users to store their uploaded files. You have more options to customize depending on your needs and expectations.

User Private Folders

Use Private Folder: Turn ON to use the private files and folders linked to the current user.

Create Private Folder: Turn ON to create and link a folder automatically to the user who has not linked any folder yet while the user will view the module.

Naming template: Set the folder name template for the automatically created private folders.

Parent Folder: Select the parent folder where the automatically created private folders will be created.

Template Folder: Select the template folder that will be copied to the new private folder.

Form Entry Folders

Create Entry Folders: Once enabled folder for each form entry will be created.

Name template: Set the form entry folder name template. There are some available template tags for you. Just click your necessary tag to insert.

From Filter Tab, you can include/ exclude any files by their extensions. Or you can turn on Expect all to allow only one file by extension.

From Advanced Tab, you can customize module width, and height, how to upload label text, maximum file size, and minimum file size, and enable folder upload.

From the Notifications Tab, you will mostly work on notification-related tasks. Ex: Email Notification, Upload Notification, and others.

Click Done > Save Form.

Finally, the uploading field will be created on your particular page. Copy the shortcode > and Paste it to your contact page. Now your users are all set to upload files. You will get an email notification with sufficient links. Make sure to check your email address.

Video Tutorial

Check this video tutorial if you prefer watching video tutorials rather than reading articles.


I honestly feel your users can now easily upload any files & folders from Gravity Forms. Those will be directly stored inside your connected Google Drive account. We made things easier for you to manage everything from one place.

Isn’t it a cool invention?

If you are still having difficulties displaying the uploading field, or if the uploading field is not working properly, you are welcome to comment down. Our specialist experts will reach you shortly.

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