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6 Best Online Radio Player Plugins for WordPress

Can you play your online radio station on your WordPress website?

That’s the most common question you might ask yourself before running an online radio stream.

The answer is Yes!

You absolutely can play your own online radio stations on your WordPress website with the help of some awesome plugins.

In this age of the Internet, people are not likely interested in listening to traditional offline Radios. Rather than listening to offline radios, people prefer listening live radio using apps or websites.

So let’s find out the best online radio plugins for WordPress that will allow playing your radio station on your WordPress website.

1. Radio Player

Radio Player is the most advanced, simple, easy-to-use, and fully customizable web Radio Player for WordPress websites developed by SoftLab.

It’s specially configured to play any MP3, Shoutcast, IceCast, Radionomy, Airtime, Live365,, and any Audio stream on your WordPress website. The most powerful and unique feature of this plugin is you can play an HTTP stream on an HTTPS website.

There are many other features included in this plugin that reflects Radio Player as the most useful in the particular category.

Let’s discover Radio Player’s exclusive features:

  • Shortcode Player
  • Current Track/ Song Metadata Display
  • MP3 + AAC + M3U8 Compatibility
  • Add Unlimited Players
  • 10+ Attractive Player Skins
  • Mobile Media Notification
  • Player Duplicator
  • Realtime Player Editing Preview
  • Player Embed Code
  • Multiple Instances
  • Gutenberg Block
  • Elementor Widget
  • HTTP Stream Player
  • Sticky Player
  • Specific Pages Sticky Player
  • Multiple Player Skins
  • Play History
  • Multiple Radio Stations
  • Stations Playlist
  • Play Statistics
  • Popup Player
  • Customize Popup Player Size
  • Color Customizations
  • History Icon
  • Show Artist Name
  • Artwork Image

Pricing: Radio Player plugin has a FREE version available. This plugin’s premium version is starting from $39.

2. WP Radio

WP Radio is yet another exciting creation by SoftLab. It’s a worldwide online radio station directory plugin for WordPress. If you are planning to turn your website into a giant radio directory there is no better option than WP Radio.

You can easily create a full-featured online radio directory website with the WP Radio plugin. WP Radio features pre-included 52000+ online radio stations from around 190+ countries all over the world.

You can also add unlimited radio stations (Icecast, Shoutcast, Radionomy, Radiojar, RadioCo, .m3u8, etc) of your own.

It means you users don’t need to go anywhere else to enjoy different radio stations. All will be in one package if you integrate your website with the WP Radio plugin.

Here are some crazy features that the WP Radio plugin provides you:

  • Radio Stations Listing
  • Radio Stations Importer
  • Add Unlimited Radio Stations
  • Sticky Player
  • Stations Search
  • State/ City Region List
  • Current Song Title
  • Mobile Media Notification
  • m3u8 Extension Supported
  • Gutenberg Blocks
  • Elementor Widgets
  • Country Based Listing
  • Shortcode Player
  • Popup Player
  • Multiple Listing Layouts
  • Recently Played Tracks Playlist
  • Stations Play Statistics
  • Admin Dashboard Chart Widget
  • Statistics Email Reporting
  • Country List
  • Color Customizations
  • Trending Stations
  • Featured Stations
  • AJAX Loading

Pricing: WP Radio plugin has a FREE version available. This plugin’s premium version is starting from $39.

3. Hero

Hero is known as the most successful online radio plugin developed by LambertGroup. Comparing other online radio-related plugins, they just nailed their creation including unmatched & unique features in it.

This ultimate radio plugin for WordPress allows ShoutCast, IceCast, AzuraCast, RadioJar, and many other integrations without any hassle or coding knowledge.

Hero allows you not only to play radios on the WordPress website, but it’s also compatible with Android, iOS, HTML5, and many more.

Let’s directly move into the exciting features that will fall you in love with the Hero itself.

Hero Plugin Features

  • Shoutcast & Icecast Support
  • Only Radio Stream Needed
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Artist Image
  • Highly Customizable
  • Sticky Version
  • History
  • Show/Hide History
  • Share
  • Multiple Instances
  • Show/Hide Buttons
  • Multiple Parameters

Pricing: Hero is available in multiple pricing packages. The Regular License costs you about $12 and the Extended License costs you around $175.

4. Radio Station

Radio Station Plugin has been developed by Tony Zeoli & Tony Hayes to build and manage a Show Schedule for a radio station or internet broadcaster’s WordPress website.

If you’re a podcaster with scheduled releases or a Clubhouse app moderator who schedules rooms, you could use this plugin to announce your schedule on your WordPress website.

The plugin adds a new “Show” post type, schedulable blocks of time that contain a Show description, a Show shifts repeater field, assignable images, and other meta information.

You can also create Playlists associated with those shows, or assign standard blog posts to relate to a Show.

Here are some of the Cool features Radio Plugin Provides:

  • An Updated Show Page Layout (based on Content Filters, not Templates)
  • Responsive Schedule Views (with integrated Override support)
  • Revamped Schedule calculations (with Show Shift Conflict Checking)
  • Producer and Show Editor Roles (for improved Show management)
  • Language Taxonomy Assignments (for Shows and Overrides)
  • Admin Plugin Settings Page (with a plethora of new options)
  • Radio Station Data API via the WordPress REST API!

Pricing: Radio Station Plugin doesn’t cost you a penny. It’s totally FREE to use all the features.

5. StreamCast

StreamCast is another entry-level Radio Player for WordPress By bPlugins. A simple, accessible, user-friendly, and fully customizable radio player for WordPress. You can play Icecast, Shoutcast, Radionomy, Radiojar, Radio.Co Live stream in WordPress website using shortcode.

StreamCast is yet another solution that brings your own radio stations to stream inside your WordPress website.

Cool right?

I have to discuss the StreamCast plugin’s exclusive features that might help you gather the right idea about the plugin.

Here they are:

  • Responsive Design
  • Position Customization
  • Multiple Player Type
  • 80+ Stunning Player Skins
  • Easy Controls
  • Set Background Image or Color
  • Sidebar Widget
  • ShortCode Powered
  • Ultimate Themes
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Amazing Accessible Feature

Pricing:  StreamCast has 3 different pricing packages. Single site license costs $49.99/ year, 5 sites license costs $119.88/ year, and unlimited sites license costs 323.88/ year.

6. Luna Web Radio Player

Luna Web Radio Player is the world’s first browser-based native HTML5 live stream player radio in the fourth generation. Luna allows playing all MPEG-Audio and AAC-Audio streams along with MP3 and is written in JavaScript compatible with iOS, Android and supports all browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, and Opera! It works responsive and allows you to rapidly weave cross-platform radio streams into your web pages (especially WordPress).

As I mentioned about MP3 compatibility earlier, HTML5 MP3 Radio FM MP3 Stream Player can grab “Song Information” on the player as Stream Title for standard Shoutcast 2, Icecast 2, Radionomy, Radiojar, and

Let’s find out the coolest features included in Luna Web Radio Player:

  • 2 Different User Interfaces for Small & Big Layouts
  • Can Play all MPEG-Audio and AAC-Audio
  • extensive platform support (Desktop, Android, iOS)
  • HTML5 Live Streaming Technology
  • Display Song Information & Cover Image
  • Small and Simple Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • Dragable Volume Slider
  • 7 Audio Visualizer Effects
  • Multiple Instances Feature

Pricing: Luna is available in multiple pricing packages. The Regular License costs you about $29 and the Extended License costs you around $1024.

Which Radio Plugin Should You Pick?

Well, you might have gone through these best radio plugins for WordPress. But still unable to decide which one should you pick?

I will help you out!

So far I have tested the Radio Player looked perfect on my end. It updates frequently, has user-friendly interfaces, rich features that a radio player plugin must have, and most importantly fast customer support.

Now the decision is all yours which one you are going to pick. Hope I have introduced some handy Radio Plugins for WordPress that can give your website a better entertainment vibe.

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