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Distraction-Free Content Reader with Enhanced Readability and Accessibility.

Reader Mode Plugin adds a distraction-free reading experience for your WordPress website by stripping away clutter and unnecessary elements from the article or post content. To achieve better readability, accessibility, and easy operations for your readers Reader Mode can be a handy choice.

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General View Reader Mode

Reader Mode Features

Let's explore the amazing features of the Reader Mode, which will help you to improve your user'sreading experience.

Reader Mode Layout

Reader Mode adds a simple and clean content layout that is user-friendly, comfortable, more readable, more accessible, and easy to use for readers. Your website articles & posts can be turned into simple & interactive by using the Reader Mode layout.

Reader Mode's simple layout represents easy customizations of buttons style and text, translating over 100+ languages, multiple accents, and genders Text-to-Speech capability, reading time estimator, reading progress bar, and many other powerful features that improve your websites readability and accessibility better among users.

Reader Mode Layout


Reader Mode adds a translation button both in the general mode and reader mode layout. This function translates the whole post/ article into user preferred language. The translation function has the ability to translate the post content into over 100+ languages.


Text to Speech

Reader Mode adds a Text-to-Speech button both in the general mode and reader mode for the users to listen to the post/ article. With multiple accents & voice diversity, this feature takes users into a new era while they will play with the Text-to-Speech feature of the Reader Mode plugin. The Text-to-Speech function has the ability to listen to the post content in over 100+ accents & voices.

Text to Speech

Reading Time

Reader Mode adds a reading time estimation for the users to know how much time they need to read the post/ article. Reading time specified in minutes motivates users to read the post. It works great to give visitors a quick idea about the time needed to read a post and encourages them to go on till the end.

Reading Time

Progress Bar

Reader Mode adds a handy reading progress bar that works as an identifier for the users to know how much they read the post/ article. This lets readers know how far they have reached and how much more they have to go on.

Progress Bar

Multiple Buttons & Styles

Highly customizable multiple buttons and styles are available to enable the Reader Mode, Translation, Text to speech, and Reading time features. As an admin, you have multiple eye catchy buttons to use depending on your website theme, color, and style.

Multiple Buttons & Styles

Multiple Display Positions

The Reader mode button, reading time, translation button, text-to-speech button, and reading progress bar can be displayed in multiple positions. such as: Above the post title, Below the post title, and Above the post content.

Multiple Display Positions

Light/ Dark Mode Theme

Reader Mode has a light/ dark mode theme for the users to choose the best one for their reading preference. Reader mode theme also can be changed based on the user's device light/dark theme.

Light/ Dark Mode Theme

More Powerful Features

More powerful features to enhance your website readability and accessibility.

Custom Button Text & Size

The Reader Mode button, Text-to-Speech button, Translation button, and Reading time button can be customized with custom label text and small, medium, and large sizes.

Multiple Display Options

The Reader mode button, Reading time, Translation button, Text to speech button, Reading progressbar can be displayed both in the General mode and Reader mode layout.

Specific Post Types

The Reader Mode Layout, Text-to-Speech, Translation, Reading Time, and Reading Progress Bar can be enabled for only specific post types of your website.

Custom Fonts

You can set any custom Google Fonts for the Reader Mode view. Users also can set their own custom fonts for the Reader Mode view.

Custom Font Size

You can set any custom font size for the Reader Mode view. Users also customized the font size in the Reader Mode view.

Print Optimized

Reader Mode is print optimized for the users to print the post/ article.

Fully customizable

Reader Mode is fully customizable for both the admins & users. Admin can easily customize the various buttons with different layout and colors and also customize the Reader Mode layout.

Fullscreen Mode

Fullscreen reading mode is available in the reader mode for the users to read the post/ article in fullscreen. As the full-screen mode is readers friendly with fewer distractions, that's the reason Fullscreen mode is such useful.


Auto scroll feature is available in the reader mode for the users to scroll the post/ article automatically while they are reading the post/ article.

Table of contents

Table of contents feature is available in the reader mode for the users to navigate to the specific section of the post/ article.

Link List

All the links in the post/ article will be listed in the reader mode for the users to navigate to the specific link in the post/ article.

Custom CSS

Reader mode layout can be customized by using the custom CSS.

Wide Compatibility

Reader plugin is compatible with all the available WordPress themes and plugins by default.

Compatibility Compatibility

Our happy customers Feedback

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“I was looking for a simple solution that can improve readers user experience. This Reader Mode plugin gave me couple of stunning facilities in one package. So far it is working superb on my website. Looking forward to more features in the future.”


“Reader Mode is a real helping plugin I have ever discovered. I wanted to allow my visitors having both translation feature and Text-to-Speech feature in a go. This plugin gave me more than that what I needed.”


“Great & amazing creation by the developer team. Super easy interactions for website owners. I loved the easy customization options of this plugin and have bunch of necessary features included. I will give it a 5 stars for sure!”


“Works smoothly! So far haven not found any bugs or issues. The support is awesome and on time. In a package I have got Text-to-Speech, Translation, Progress Bar, Printing Ability, and what not. Will be using this for years or so.”

tom -pennington

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