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How to Fix Metadata Display on the Player (Song Title, Artist, Artwork, Recent Play History)

Ensuring accurate metadata display on your player is essential for providing listeners with a seamless and enjoyable audio experience. Metadata, including song titles, artist names, artwork, and recent play history, enhance user engagement and navigation. When metadata is incorrect or missing, it can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction among your audience.


Let’s find out effective methods to fix and optimize metadata display on your player, and ensure users have correct information inside the radio player.


Modern Browsers no longer accept mixed requests. It means you can’t play an HTTP stream on an HTTPS website. As a result, players won’t be able to fetch the Metadata that users might be looking for. Keep in mind, Fetching stream data from a radio stream can be impacted by several factors.


  • Bandwidth Constraints: The availability of network bandwidth may be constrained, causing delays in retrieving data and potential buffering concerns, particularly during peak usage periods. This can be especially pronounced on shared hosting platforms.
  • Server Workload: Elevated server workload can lead to slower response times when fetching radio stream data, impacting the overall user experience.
  • Network Configurations: Delays and interruptions in fetching radio stream data can arise due to network congestion, often stemming from heavy internet traffic.
  • Security Configurations and Firewalls: Stringent security settings or firewall rules, whether on the server or client side, can hinder the proper retrieval of radio stream data.
  • Streaming Protocol Glitches: Challenges with compatibility or performance related to the chosen streaming protocol (such as HTTP, RTSP, or HLS) can pose obstacles in fetching radio stream data.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Hiccups: When employing a CDN to distribute radio stream data, issues with the CDN’s infrastructure can influence data retrieval and playback.
  • ISP Throttling: Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) might throttle streaming traffic, impacting the consistency and quality of fetching radio stream data.
  • Buffering Complexities: Insufficient buffering on the client side might lead to interruptions during the process of fetching radio stream data, particularly when encountering fluctuations in the network.


Before going to the main step make sure you have installed both Radio Player and Radio Player Proxy Add-on inside your WordPress dashboard.

How to Fix Metadata and Display on the Player?


If your player is not displaying metadata correctly or even not displaying any kind of metadata, follow the below steps to fix them.

Enable Metadata Proxy


Navigate to Radio Player > Settings > Proxy Settings > Enable Metadata Proxy.



After enabling this option metadata including song titles, artist names, artwork, and recent play history will keep starting displaying while you play.