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What is WP Radio Ads Player Addon?

WP Radio ads player lets you monetize your radio website by playing audio ads and you can also display any ads in the popup player. It’s somewhat like Youtube or Facebook video ads. Almost the same process works as audio ads rather than video ads.

It let you play custom mic drops, stringer, and audio advertisements at the start of radio station play.

You can create and play unlimited ads and set them to be played by filtering specific counties or specific stations. You can also control how often the users will listen to the ads.

There is also an ads stats email report system to get the ads stats to email daily/ weekly.

WP Radio Ads Player Features:

  • Custom Audio Ads – You can play any audio file or URL as an ad at the start of any station play.
  • Pre-roll & Mid-roll Ads – Ads can be played before and middle of the radio station playback.
  • Custom Interval – You can control how often the pre-roll and mid-roll ads will be played.
  • Custom Ad Duration – You can set the ad duration, and how long the ad will be played.
  • Countries Filtering – You can play any ad for specific countries.
  • Stations Filtering – You can play any ad for specific stations.
  • Ad Stats Email Report – Get weekly ad stats email report to the ad publisher email.
  • Custom Play Rules – You can play the ad for specific times or for specific dates.