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How to Display the Radio Stations?

Once you install the WP Radio Plugin, a new page will be created titled Live Radio. Navigate to Pages and you will discover the page there. All your imported stations will be listed & visible on a page by default.

Display Shortcodes

You can display Radio Stations inside other pages or posts using this [wp_radio_listing] shortcode. This shortcode supports country & genre attributes where you can pass comma-separated country code and genre. Example: [wp_radio_listing country=”us, ru, bd” genre=”rock,news”]. Simply paste the shortcode in your preferred area. You are all done displaying Radio Stations.



You can also use the Gutenberg block & Elementor widget to display the radio stations listing. Our following guidelines will discuss how you can display radio stations using the Gutenberg block & Elementor widget.

You can select how many stations will be displayed on the listing page. From Station Listing Page, select the Stations per page quantity you want to display. There are two types of station listing layouts available List & Grid listing. You can change the listing layout from the display settings page if you need changes.