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How to Link Your Own Google App With the Plugin?

NOTICE: Google will automatically revoke authorizations after 7 days for Apps that are in the ‘Testing’ status. After that period, you will have to re-authorize the plugin itself. So if you want to use your own app, you will have to submit the app for verification via your Google Cloud Console in order to get the status ‘In production’ and to be able to actually use it with the Integrate Google Drive plugin. Or you can revert to the default app of Integrate Google Drive which is published by Google.


NOTICE: If you encounter any issues when trying to use your own App, please revert to the default app of the plugin by turning off the Own App option from the Advanced settings.



Before linking your own Google App you need to create an app first. Let’s see the procedure.

Step-1: Creating a Google Drive App

Go to > IAM & Admin > Create a Project.


Step-2: Give a Project Name

Give Project Name > click Create


Step-3: Enabling API & Services

APIs & Services > Enabled APIs & Services > click Enable APIs & Services


Step-4: Selecting Google Drive API

Search for Google Dive API > click Google Dive API



Click Google Drive API


Step-5: Enabling Google Drive API

Click Enable Button


Step-6: OAuth Consent Screen Settings

OAuth Consent Screen > Choose External > click Create



Type App Name, support email, developer email address, and other > click Save and Continue


Step-7: Add or Remove Scopes

Click Add or Remove Scopes > Type Drive > choose /auth/drive



Tick Google Drive API > Update


Step-8: Credentials

APIs & Services > Credentials


Step-9: Creating Credentials

Click Create Credentials > OAuth client ID > Configure Console Screen


Step-10: Select Application Type

Select Application Type – Web Application


Step-11: Redirect URI

Type Name > paste Authorized redirect URI > Create


Step-12: Create OAuth Client

Copy Client ID & Client Secret Key


Step-13: Inserting App Client ID & Secret Key

From Integrate Google Drive dashboard click Settings > Advanced > enable Link Own Google App > Insert App Client ID > Insert App Security Key > click Save Changes.