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How to Add Google Drive File as Downloadable Product in WooCommerce?

In your Woocommerce store, you can upload digital products (e.g. ebooks) and allow your users to download them using the Integrate Google Drive plugin.

Step-1: Installing Integrate Google Drive Plugin

Go to WordPress Plugins > Add New > Search Integrate Google Drive > Install & Activate the plugin.




Step-2: Linking Google Account

Click Google Drive > Settings > Add Account > Click Google Account You want to Add > Allow necessary permissions.



Step-3: Enabling Woocommerce Integration

Go to Integrate Google Drive Plugin Dashboard > Settings > Integrations > Enable Woocommerce > click Save Changes from the top right side of the settings page.



Step-4: Select File

Click on Products from the left sidebar > edit any of your existing products or create a new product > from the Product Data tab > tick Downloadable > add file > update the post.




Step-5: Enable Products Redirect (if needed)

  • From the “Advanced Tab” you can customize WooCommerce downloadable products as redirect.
  • Enable Redirection: Enable to redirect the user directly to the Google Drive file instead of downloading the file.
  • Add User Permission: Enable to add permission for the purchase email address to the file. Note: The purchase email address must be a Gmail address. Otherwise, the permission will not be added.



Step-6: Outcome

Once the order is completed, users can download products from the order page and account page. Here is how it will look once users are eligible to download.