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How to Translate Integrate Google Drive Plugin in any Language?

You have the freedom to translate Integrate Google Drive plugin to any other language. It’s not a big deal! Just follow the doc and learn the process in a simple way.

Step-1: Install & Activate Loco Translate

To translate the whole Integrate Google Drive plugin into any language you have to take assistance from another plugin called Loco Translate. That’s why the Loco Translate plugin should be installed inside your WordPress CMS.

To install the plugin navigate to Plugins > Add New > Search for Loco Translate > Install & Activate the plugin.

Manual Process

In loco translate, you can translate your preferred language in the manual method (one by one). The manual method might take time to set up as it needs to input all translations one by one.

To set up manual translation, navigate to Loco Translate > Plugins > Select Integrate Google Drive > New Language > Choose your preferred language > Click Start Translating > Select Source Text > Type the translated text in the translation input field > Save.

Automatic Process

You can also translate everything with just one click by following the below process (Automatic Process). We are using Google Translate to translate the language (you can also use DeepL Translator, Lecto AI, Microsoft Translator, and others).


As we are going to use Google Translate, we will need Google Translate API to successfully translate everything automatically. Follow the below steps to successfully complete the process.

Step-1: Create a Project on Google Cloud

To create a project navigate to IAM & Admin > Create a Project > Type Project Name, Organization, and Locations > Click Create.

Step-2: Enable Cloud Translation API

Navigate to APIs & Services > Enabled APIs & Services > Enable APIs & Services > Search for Translate > Click Cloud Translation API > Click Enable button.

Step-3: Create API Key

Navigate to Credentials > Create Credentials > API Key > Copy the API key just created.

Step-4: Setup API Key in Loco Translate

Navigate to Loco Translate > Settings > API Keys > Paste the API key in Google Translate API Key input field > Save Changes.

Navigate to Loco Translate > Plugins > Integrate Google Drive > From Overview Tab click New Language > Choose preferred language > Click Start Translating > Click Auto button > Select Google Translate > Click Translate button > Save.

Now the Integrate Google Drive Plugin will be translated into your selected language. It’s time to better enjoy and understand our plugin in your local language.

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