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How to Use Tools Settings?

From tools settings, you can clear cache, export settings, import settings, and reset your whole settings with one click.

How to Clear Clear Cached Files?

Clear cached files and synchronize the cloud files. To clear cached files, head over to Settings > Tools > Clear Cached Files > click the clear cache button.

How to Export Data?

Select the data you want to export (settings, shortcode modules, user private files, statistics logs, and all). Your exported data will be stored in a JSON file. To export data, head over to Settings > Tools > Export Data > Select Data from Drop-Down > click the Export button.

How to Import Data?

Select the exported JSON file you would like to import. Please note that the import will replace the current data. To import data, head over to Settings > Tools > Import Data > click Import Button.

How to Reset Settings?

Reset all settings to default. To reset all the settings, head over to Settings > Tools > Reset Settings > click Reset Button.